Partnerships & Influencer Relations

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Partnerships & Influencer Relations

GoBrig, a full-service digital marketing agency, offers Partnerships & Influencer Relations services for big corporate brands to help them connect with top-tier influencers and celebrities to endorse their products or services. The agency has a proven track record of creating successful influencer campaigns that drive sales and engagement.

Partnerships & Influencer Relations is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy. Working with influencers and celebrities allows brands to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and create more personalized connections with their customers. It is an effective way to build trust and credibility, as well as to generate buzz and excitement around a brand.

GoBrig has a dedicated team of experts who specialize in partnerships and influencer relations. They work closely with clients to identify the right influencers and celebrities who align with their brand values and target audience. The agency has an extensive network of influencers and celebrities across various industries, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, and travel.

The agency offers a range of services, including influencer identification, outreach, contract negotiation, and campaign management. The team works closely with influencers and celebrities to create authentic and engaging content that resonates with their audience and aligns with the brand's messaging.

GoBrig worked with L'Oréal to launch their "Colorista" hair dye range in Pakistan. The agency collaborated with top beauty influencers and celebrities to create a buzz around the product launch. The campaign generated millions of views and helped increase brand awareness and sales.

One of the agency's notable partnerships was with PepsiCo for their "Dew Gamers Arena" campaign. The agency worked with famous gamers and gaming influencers to create engaging content and promote the event. The campaign generated significant buzz among the gaming community and helped increase sales of PepsiCo's Mountain Dew brand.

In addition to influencer campaigns, GoBrig also offers celebrity endorsements for big corporate brands. The agency has experience working with celebrities from various industries, including sports, music, and entertainment. They work closely with clients to identify the right celebrity who aligns with their brand values and messaging.

GoBrig helped Nestle with their "Milo Champions" campaign, where they collaborated with famous Pakistani cricketer, Babar Azam, to promote their Milo brand. The campaign generated millions of views and helped increase sales of the product.

Overall, GoBrig's Partnerships & Influencer Relations services are an effective way for big corporate brands to connect with influencers and celebrities and create engaging campaigns that drive sales and increase brand awareness. The agency's expertise in influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements can help brands stay ahead of their competition and reach their target audience more effectively.

Getz Pharma

Getz Pharma, a prominent pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, sought GoBrig's expertise in partnerships and influencer relations for the promotion of their diabetes medication, Getryl, across Pakistan. Working closely with the brand, GoBrig successfully created a celebrity contract with Pakistan's renowned model, Nadia Hussain, to endorse the product. In this venture, GoBrig collaborated with the Brand Manager, Usman Malik, and Senior Brand Manager, Muhammad Irfan, to ensure the success of the campaign.

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