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GoBrig is a digital marketing agency that provides its clients with a vast array of services. GoBrig offers branding services as one of its primary services. In this regard, GoBrig has assisted numerous clients in creating, enhancing, and developing their brand identity. One such client is Emad Tariq, the founder of Black Parliament, the foremost provider of men's custom-tailored luxury clothing in the United Arab Emirates.

GoBrig collaborated with Emad Tariq to comprehend his vision for Black Parliament and its intended audience. GoBrig developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included the creation of a brand identity, brand messaging, and a brand voice after conducting extensive research on the market and the competition. The branding experts at GoBrig laboured to design a logo for Black Parliament that reflected the brand's style and sophistication. In addition, they developed a brand messaging strategy to help Black Parliament stand out on the market and connect with its target audience.

The branding services provided by GoBrig also included the creation of a brand persona that would be utilised across all of Black Parliament's marketing and advertising channels. This brand voice was created to be consistent with the brand's messaging and values, as well as engaging and relatable to the target audience. Additionally, GoBrig assisted Black Parliament in developing a brand style guide that defined the brand's visual identity, tone, and aesthetic. This style guide was utilised to ensure uniformity throughout all of Black Parliament's advertising and marketing efforts.

In addition to creating the brand identity, GoBrig assisted Black Parliament in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that would enable the brand to reach its target audience and increase brand recognition. The marketing specialists at GoBrig assisted Black Parliament in identifying its target demographic and developing marketing campaigns that would resonate with them. In addition, they assisted Black Parliament in identifying the most efficient marketing channels through which to reach its target audience, such as social media, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

The branding services provided by GoBrig extended beyond the formulation of a brand identity and marketing strategy. In addition, the agency provided Black Parliament with continuous support to ensure that the brand's messaging and identity remained consistent across all channels. This support included monitoring the brand's social media accounts, managing the brand's online reputation, and offering continuous advice on how to communicate effectively with the brand's target audience.

Overall, GoBrig's branding services assisted Black Parliament in establishing a strong brand identity and a firm marketing foundation. Black Parliament was able to stand out in a competitive market and engage with its intended audience thanks to the agency's comprehensive branding strategy and ongoing support. Black Parliament was able to establish itself as a prominent brand in the UAE's luxury tailored clothing industry with the assistance of GoBrig.

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