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GoBrig's influencer management services helped Amir Ali and Fareed Jamil launch Hunger's Pack in Karachi. GoBrig collaborated with Amir Ali and Fareed Jamil to reach out to Pakistan's best bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities to promote the restaurant and attract consumers.

Hunger's Pack benefited from GoBrig's influencer marketing experience. The agency found and worked with Instagram and YouTube influencers with significant followings to create interesting content about the restaurant's food and atmosphere.

Hunger's Pack launched with GoBrig's influencer management and other services. This involved creating and implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy on social media, email, and display advertising. Amir Ali and Fareed Jamil helped the agency create high-quality content to attract their target audience and promote the eatery.

GoBrig's support and experience were crucial to Hunger's Pack's launch. The agency's marketing helped the eatery gain popularity among Karachi's foodies.

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