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GoBrig is known for its expertise in capturing events and turning them into beautiful memories. One such event that they covered was the "Volta 2022" hosted by the Luso Canadian Charitable Society, which aimed to raise funds for physically and mentally challenged children and adults in Canada.

The event was a huge success with thousands of people participating in the marathon to raise funds and awareness for the cause. The event also included dance performances, cycle riding marathon, and bike riding marathon. The event was held in a beautiful outdoor setting with lush greenery, adding to the overall beauty of the event.

Muhammad Khizar Iqbal, the founder, and CEO of GoBrig, led the team in capturing the entire event. His expertise in event photography and videography ensured that every moment of the event was captured beautifully. The team captured the essence of the event, including the enthusiasm and passion of the participants, the energy of the crowd, and the dedication of the volunteers.

The photographs captured by GoBrig were used on social media, the event's website, and in press releases, showcasing the success of the event and the cause it supported. The photos captured the beauty of the event and highlighted the message of raising funds for physically and mentally challenged individuals in Canada.

GoBrig's coverage of the event received tremendous appreciation from the organizers, participants, and the media. The photographs captured the spirit of the event and showcased the beauty of the surroundings, adding to the overall experience of the event. The team captured the excitement and energy of the participants, making it a perfect reflection of the event.

Overall, GoBrig's coverage of "Volta 2022" was a success, as they managed to capture the event beautifully and turn it into lasting memories. The photographs and videos captured by the team highlighted the cause of the event and the passion of the participants. Their coverage of the event was a testament to their expertise in capturing the essence of events and turning them into beautiful memories.

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