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GoBrig is a creative design agency that specializes in character design, branding, and advertising. Recently, they had the opportunity to work with Sandoz on the character design for their new TVC for Sandoz ON, a mosquito repellent cream. The project was a challenging one, as the team at GoBrig had to create a cast of characters that would appeal to a wide audience, including a family of four and the main character, a mosquito that had to be simultaneously evil and cute.

The team at GoBrig, including Muhammad Khizar Iqbal (CEO), Mufaddal Iqbal (Animation Lead), and Selma Mufaddal, worked closely with Fahad Nadeem (Product Manager - Sandoz ON) and Jamshed Syed (Group Country Head) to create a compelling set of characters that would be engaging, memorable, and consistent with the brand's messaging and values.

The first step that the team at GoBrig took was to research the market trends for mosquito repellents and the existing advertising campaigns for Sandoz ON. They also conducted surveys and focus groups to get a better understanding of what the audience wanted to see in a mosquito repellent commercial. This research helped the team to identify the key characteristics that the characters needed to have, such as being relatable and memorable.

After this initial research, the team started working on the character designs. They created a series of sketches and illustrations that explored different ideas and approaches. These were presented to the client, who provided feedback and suggestions that were used to refine and improve the designs.

One of the biggest challenges that the team at GoBrig faced was to create a mosquito character that was both evil and cute. They wanted to create a character that would be memorable and engaging, but not so scary that it would turn off viewers. To achieve this, they focused on creating a design that was both menacing and playful. The final design was a mosquito that had sharp teeth and a sinister expression, but also had a round, friendly shape and big, expressive eyes.

Another challenge was to create a family of characters that would be relatable to the audience. They needed to create a Mom, Dad, Son, and Daughter that were diverse, yet still looked like they belonged together. The team at GoBrig focused on creating a range of personalities and body types that would appeal to a wide audience.

The character designs went through many rounds of revisions and edits. The team at GoBrig worked closely with the client to ensure that the designs were consistent with the brand's messaging and values. They also made sure that the characters were visually appealing and easy to recognize.

After many rounds of revisions, the character designs were completed. The final design featured a family of four and the mosquito character. The mosquito was evil yet cute, with a menacing expression and a round, friendly shape. The family of characters were diverse and relatable, with unique personalities and body types. 

The character design that was completed got everyone's attention. The final TVC was a huge success for Sandoz. The commercial showcased the effectiveness of Sandoz ON and the family of characters helped to create a relatable and engaging story. 

Overall, the project demonstrated the creativity and skill of the team at GoBrig. They were able to overcome the challenges of creating a cast of characters that would appeal to a wide audience and meet the brand's messaging and values. The final design was engaging, memorable, and helped to showcase the effectiveness of Sandoz ON.

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