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GoBrig had the opportunity to work with Telenor, one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan, to create a 3D animated TVC to promote their Ramadan offer on cellular plans. The challenge was to create an engaging and visually appealing animation that would capture the essence of the holy month of Ramadan and the benefits of the Telenor offer.

The GoBrig team, led by their Animation Lead, Mufaddal Iqbal, worked closely with Telenor's marketing team to understand the key messaging and objectives of the TVC. The team brainstormed ideas and concepts that would effectively communicate the offer while also resonating with the target audience.

After several rounds of discussions and feedback, the team finalized a concept that would showcase the Telenor offer through a 3D animated world that was set in a traditional Pakistani village during the month of Ramadan. The TVC featured a family sitting together for iftar, the evening meal that marks the end of the daily fast during Ramadan.

The main character of the TVC was a young boy who is excitedly waiting for iftar and wants to share his joy with his friends. However, he realizes that his friends cannot join him for iftar as they cannot afford to do so. This is when the boy's father informs him about the Telenor Ramadan offer, which allows the family to stay connected and share the joy of the holy month with their loved ones through affordable cellular plans.

The 3D animated TVC was produced using the latest software and technology available in the market. The animation team worked meticulously to ensure that the details of the traditional Pakistani village and the characters were accurate and true to life. The team also ensured that the TVC conveyed a positive and uplifting message that resonated with the audience.

The final result was an impressive 3D animated TVC that successfully communicated the benefits of Telenor's Ramadan offer while also capturing the essence of the holy month of Ramadan. The TVC was well received by audiences and helped to increase awareness and sales for Telenor during the Ramadan period.

Overall, the collaboration between GoBrig and Telenor was a success. The GoBrig team's expertise in animation and storytelling, coupled with Telenor's marketing acumen, resulted in a TVC that effectively communicated the message while also being visually appealing and engaging. The project highlights GoBrig's ability to deliver high-quality animations that meet the needs of their clients and their target audience.

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